Correct export for a 36" x 24" banner

I’ve created a background for my vinyl banner. I need to export the background at a resolution of 300 dpi. For example, for a 36" x 24" banner at 300 DPI, the pixel dimensions would be 10,800 x 7,200 pixels. But the max width for a png file is 8192.

How can I export a 300 DPI file?

Hi there @bostonjohn,

It is not currently possible to assign custom DPI settings within Vectornator as it is primarily a vector-based software and DPI is typically used for raster/pixel images.

Any non-vector elements within your file will get exported with the default value of 72 DPI and any vector-based elements should scale with no quality loss. Is your particular project a combination of both vector and raster components?