path offset function - is it available?

i’m just struggeling with path offset.
via search i only found a topic where user claim in 2018 to add this function to vectornator…
But i still can’t find this function…
A’m i just blind or does this function yet not exist?


Hi there @sn00py,

Don’t worry you’re not blind - Vectornator does not currently offer an Offset Path feature. However, as you mentioned, this is a popular request so it’s absolutely on our roadmap. Please stay tuned for future announcements!


Hey @sn00py,

Great news! Offset Path is now available in our latest version 4.8.2 :partying_face:

Please check out this latest update to explore this exciting new feature as well as Default Colour Palettes, improved Auto Trace and more!

You can learn more about how to use Offset Path here



Hello, it’s September 2023 and the path panel is not working(


Thank you for reaching out! We’re sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with the path panel.

To better assist you, could you provide some more details? Specifically:

  1. Which version of the app are you using?
  2. What system and device are you on?
  3. If possible, could you share a screen recording of the issue you’re facing? This would be immensely helpful.
  4. If you feel comfortable, sending over the file where you’re experiencing the problem would also help us in diagnosing the issue.

I’ve tested the path panel on my end and couldn’t reproduce the issue you’re describing. So the more information you can provide, the better we can assist you.

Thanks for your understanding, and we look forward to resolving this for you.


I find it very confusing that only closed paths can be offset. I see no reason for this beyond a poor design decision made early on. I hope this artificial restriction is removed in the future.

Right now, the workaround is to close the path, offset it, and then open it up again, which wastes a bit of time.

hey thanks for raising your voice. Yeah I understand the frustration, we are aware that it would be useful to offset also open paths, sadly this showed to be more challenging during development so we decided to proceed only with closed. Hopefully in the future we can iterate back and improve this feature.

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