Overlapping nodes

The node for controlling colour gradient and geometry node of a circular object gets overlapped. Thus makes it impossible to control the colour gradient. On touching only the geometry node moves and hence geometry gets edited. Please give solution.

Hello pritam, in this case you can hide another object temporary to modify the gradient. But the gradient handles actually visible even as another object sits on top (orange dots on the screenshot).

Please share a screenshot or a video, maybe I don’t understand well what you’re trying to achieve. Thank you!

I have send you a video. Please check it. You can see in the video that on a CIRCULAR OBJECT, when colour gradient is applied. By default the node that can be used to control/edit the colour gradient overlaps the nodes that is used edit geometry of the object. And on touching the overlapped nodes only geometry node gets selected. I had to move the geometry nodes individually to get access to the colour gradient node. Please give me a solution.
video link->