Option to make default interactions be single-use

Let me be clear, Vectornator is a fantastic app that I have suggested to others. These are just the bits of friction that make some interactions frustrating. I’ll be offering an idea for a solution as well.

I’m running into a frequent problem. I’ll be using the select tool, and I’ll want to change the text of a text box. So, I double-tap on it, and edit the text as I want. The problem then is that when I tap out of the text box, I expect that the select tool will be active again. I don’t find this out until I try to select some element, now there is a text box where I tapped.

This happens in other ways, such as when I’ll want to duplicate a single element, but then try to reposition it to only create a duplicate instead. There are others.

I would love an option where the default interaction is single-use, reverting to the previous state. This includes the multi-select, and duplication options for the select tool. For those (besides adding some contrast between the states), I intuitive expect them to work similar to the Shift key in iOS, where a single tap makes the next letter upper-case, but then returns to lowercase, unless the user double-taps the shift key, which then effectively turns on Caps Lock.

Similarly, when I change the colors or properties of an element, I do not want my default settings for that tool changed. Right now this is the only way to change those settings.

Similarly, the color picker tool should close when taping outside of it

This would simplify my workflow tremendously.

Other feedback:

  • I’d really all of the element settings available when no element is selected to be used as a way to change the default settings of tools
  • more options for responding to double taps on the side of the Apple Pencil
  • there needs to be more contrast for when a tool is selected. I often can’t see if multi-select is on.
  • the color picker in the toolbar prevents other tools from working while it is open
  • changing the color of gradient points switches the state of the color picker back to single color mode, instead of staying in gradient mode.
  • guides should act like any other element, meaning that they should follow locking settings, be able to be moved to a specific coordinate, be included in a group, be selectable by tapping on them, be lockable, be hidden, be subject to arrangements, etc.
  • an option to always show the ruler, even when the edges of the art board are outside of the viewport.
  • a way to support you directly for this great tool!