Only partial of an image transparent?

I have an image of a dog, and I only want the interior of the dog transparent. I want to layer it on top of another image so that what’s on the bottom will show through, but only through the interior of the dog. Is that possible?

Hi there @nodonut527,

Right now, achieving this result is a little bit tricky but definitely possible! The steps to get this effect consist of duplicating the image → removing the background from one image via masking → removing the subject from the other image via masking → reducing the opacity of the remaining subject → aligning the images to create a seamless singular image effect → placing this on top of the desired ‘new’ background.

I’ve put together this rough walkthrough to showcase these steps. Of course, this can be done with far more precision, but for the purposes of demonstration this should suffice:

If anything is unclear or this doesn’t answer your query, just let me know and I’d be happy to take another look!