Old Files being converted to locked paywalled files on file crash.

To Recreate: If you have any previously vector files with too many nodes and select them all to move, the app will crash. On reload of the app, the crashed file will be locked behind the paywall as the app thinks the recovered file is newly created.

Be careful handing older files. Before you edit any, export a SVG or you’ll be forever locked out of old work.

Hey @PenAppTeacher , I’m truly sorry to hear you’ve run into such a frustrating issue.

The file you were working on was synced up to Linearity prior the crash happened, right? And, if it’s not too much trouble, any chance you could share a bit more about the crash, maybe even a crash report? It would be super helpful for us to get a closer look at what went wrong, and it might just help us stop this from happening again.

Thanks so much for letting us know about this!