App crashing when saving

App is crashing when trying to export work as an svg.

Hi @Achampion92,

welcome to the Vectornator Forum and thanks for sharing the issue with us.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce the issue on my side. Does this behavior happen in different Vectornator files or just in one specific? To understand the root cause of the problem, it is very helpful if you can provide us with the crash report of the file. Once the application on iOS or macOS crashes, it’ll automatically create an .ips file containing details about this crash.

Here’s how you can find this file:

macOS: In the Finder, go to your Applications folder, then Utilities and launch the Console app. Select Crash Reports, find the Vectornator process and select it. Control-click it and press “ Reveal in Finder” from the shortcut menu. Copy or drag out the selected report and attach it to the Forum post.

iOS: go to iPad/iPhone Settings → Privacy → Analytics&Improvements → Analytics Data → scroll down to see crash reports named Vectornator-202.-…-… . → provide us with this .ips file.

All the best