no image error , image load fail

image import doesnt work
how do i solve it

Hi @woodpecker and welcome to Vectornator Forum.
What is the extension of image? Vectornator support png and jpeg.

they are both jpg and png even unsplash sort of things arent fully loaded at all
when i import some image all i see is x marked hollow box

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Can you share here the images please?

Hi @woodpecker,

welcome to the Vectornator Forum. We’re very sorry to hear that you have trouble uploading images. Does the error occur in another file as well? If the issue is not reproducible there, that means that the bug is related to one specific file. Please provide us with this file so we can troubleshoot the issue. You can attach the file in the Forum post. Or you can write us an email to with a link to your Forum post and provide us with this file privately.

Thank you!