Make graphic elements visible when they are outside of the drawing area

Good morning

Used Gravit Designer before and switched now onto Vectornator…

What I miss, or especially my girlfriend:

When I have graphic elements and I want to drag one outside the drawing area for better visibilty it is no longer visible anymore…making it hard to find when I need to put it back onto the drawing area…

So when moving it out I see:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-31 um 08.59.30

But as soon I deselect it…gone:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-31 um 08.59.35

This is a nice feature Gravit Designer has…

Others than that…I like Vectornator very much…and I would even pay for it when this could be done and the scrolling bug is removed :wink:

thanks in advance

It would probably be best to make this configurable, because the current behaviour makes it much easier to preview the final document. I’ve found when using Inkscape (which does make elements outside the page visible) that it can be quite frustrating to position an element relative to the page.

One option for setting this could be a toggle in the Layers tab, with a global option to set the default view mode (clip mode, offside visibility, not sure what terminology would be best).

Alternately, elements outside the artboard could visible, but at a very low (<10%) opacity.

I would prefer the low opacity method…so people know exactly it doesn’t belong to the generated export…even when the graphic element is placed half inside and outside…the outside part is dimmed…