Better Gradient Tool

The UX and UI of Vectornator seems so much more coherent and thought out than that of Inkscape. However one thing that Inkscape seems to do far better on is its gradient tool, which is apparently even better than Illustrator’s. While Vectornator allows for a horizontal or vertical linear gradient, Inkscape’s gradient tool allows you to position the gradient nodes wherever, giving you much finer control. This is something that I think Vectornator should implement as soon as possible in order to rival Inkscape and Illustrator for advanced abilities while remaining user friendly.

Hi user50, and welcome!

Gradients don’t have to stay horizontal or vertical (or centred, for radial gradients).
If you change to the Selection tool (the top tool in the toolbar for selecting/moving objects), you can select an object and move the orange end nodes of the gradient.

However, intermediate nodes on the gradient still need to be changed in the Style inspector, rather than directly on the canvas.

A mesh gradient would be wonderful, but probably difficult to program.

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