Life planner created entirely with Curve

Hi! Just wanted to share what I created using Curve. It’s a planner that spans 7 aspects of professional life, each with its own section (planning, goals, meetings, finance, fitness, projects and notes). It’s more than just a planner, I liken it to a workbook for creating the life you want to live. There are multiple articles incorporated throughout that discuss various topics in self-improvement and goal achievement. I started work on it a year ago and it’s the reason I started using Curve. I knew nothing about graphic design and had to teach myself as I worked. I am a healthcare consultant for my day job. The reason I started this project was because I had bought a new iPad for work, went to find a digital planner on Etsy, and after buying 3 or 4 of them felt I could do better than what was on offer which amounted to a bunch of Canva templates thrown together. I’m proud of the result, but the best part is that I have a new creative outlet through Curve that gives me great satisfaction. I use it for so much more than just this type of project, but this is the one that got me started. Anyway, here are some mockups I made for it (also in Curve). If you’re interested you can find out more at


@mattsrn Great Life Planner! was looking how everything is set up and I love it! I am a huge planner user and I would for sure purchase this!

Wow - very cool!

Pretty cool!

Beautiful! I loved it! Much success!

Thank you!