Making arts with Linearity.

Linearity is rapidly growing on me as my one of my favourite tools for making art. I’m not much of a graphic designer but I initially installed this app to hone my graphic design skills. Somehow, I still haven’t honed those skills lol instead, I find that it presents quite a unique new style for my pieces through the customizable and amoebic nature of vectors. I love a chaotic looking painting without properly defined borders and so far, linearity has been the best place to achieve that style for me. Looking forward to sharing more of my arts with the community. Any other persons use the app exclusively for arts?


Hi @cosmicbagelsart what a lovely message and submission! We are so glad to hear how much you’ve been enjoying Linearity Curve so far.

Keep 'em coming and you can share your work with the hashtag #linearitycommunity on your socials so that our team can spread the love, too. :heart:

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