Is it just me, or is renaming files in your cloud not working?

It must be me, bc this is so basic that it has to work, but when I try to rename a project file in the header of Move, it won’t let me delete from or add anything to the current name.

I quit and restarted Move and tried the “rename” function from Move’s File menu in the Projects view, but again, it won’t let me edit the file names.

What am I doing incorrectly?

Hey @till , I just gave renaming a try on my side, and it all worked out okay.

Do you think you could send over a video of what’s happening on your end when you try to rename the file? Also, is this happening with every single file, or just certain ones?

It must be something on my end…will circle back to this when I have more time…since export to SVG animation from Move is still not supported, I won’t be using it anyway, so I guess this issue is moot.