Import clipped file from Inkscape not appearing correctly.

Hi, I’d be grateful for some help, but I realise as this involves two pieces of software it might be difficult.
I have used Inkscape’s clip tool to create a simple image of dots on a background. I can then in Inkscape draw on a layer beneath this, and the only parts of my drawing that can be seen are through the dots. Ie the dots have become see through and show the layer underneath.
I want to import this to Vectornator and work similarly. But when I import the file to Vectornator, the dots are no longer see through. I’ll attach an image if I can. I have tried exporting from Inkscape in all available formats, (plain svg seems most likely to work).
As a kicker…an early attempt did work almost correctly, so it is possible.
Any ideas what I’m doing wrong, or a workaround to make it work?


Top is as seen in Inkscape, bottom is in Vectornator. These are without any drawing underneath, just the dots.

Hi @Helpplease ,

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Can you share the exported SVG from Inkscape please so I can have a look?


Sorry, I didn’t see your reply. Thanks. I’m trying a new method which has its own issues so I’ll post about that instead in a new thread.

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