How to set default colors and stroke settings to an object?

In Illustrator you can press D and the object will get a default appearance of white fill and black stroke with 1 px of width.

Is it possible to define this in Vectornator?

It seems every new shape just takes the settings from the last created object which is not always what I want.

Not in that exact fashion (can you set another style as default? white and black 1px would not be my choice for many/most designs).

Workarounds in Vectornator:

  • you can keep e.g. a little “default” object in a corner/somewhere and just click on that before creating a new shapes, or
  • you can use Copy Style from a “default” object and Paste Style (on selected objects). Note: for groups and similar. you might have to select the objects in the group, not the group itself.

Yeah you can set a default style in Illustrator:

Using a default object is not really a solution. What if you have a dozen artboards? You now have to keep a copy of that default object in every artboard. Or worse, go hunting for it whenever you need it. Not even close to just pressing D.