feature: select by same fill color / stroke + recolor artwork

I want to suggest an improvement that will make a huge improvement to vectornator next version: Multi selection (not manually by the user) made automatically by same fill color/stroke color.

another thing is when I sellected multiple vectors - I wish to re-color them automaticlly by swatches control panel, and not one-by-one. this feature is known in Illustrator as Recolor artwork.

This features are essential for working progress on a character, for example.
Imagine i made a blonde character and now i need to re-color all the vectors in her hair by a single step and not one by one.
This feature is available in Illustrator as “recolor artwork” and also as select same appearance. It is also available in Affinity.

Would love to see it in next version updade. A lot of users will appreciate that.

multi auto select by same:

recolor artwork:

yes i use select by color in GIMP and i really which i can do that… i hope they add this soon

I completely agree! The recolor artwork tool from Illustrator is a game changer and Vectornator could be ahead of all other competitors if this feature was implemented in a future version.