How to Design a Logo by Will Paterson (Academy video)

Try as I might, I can never get the node tool to select only the bottom two nodes of the square, so I think maybe the ipad version of the sw is broken… but I then tried the same action on the MAC version, and it too would not select only the bottom two nodes of the square.

What am I doing wrong? The video looks simple enough.

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There does seems to be a bug with corner radius feature affecting all corners regardless of selection.

One work-around (hopefully it’ll be fixed) is to isolate the corners that you want to round off by cutting the shape with scissors tool and then join the shapes afterwards. It shouldn’t take too much longer.

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Hi @smile4yourself thank you for flagging this issue and I’m sorry you haven’t been able to follow the tutorial.

We are aware of this issue with the 5.0.2 and I can confirm that the fix is already on its way with 5.1.0. Thank you for your patience and understanding!


is there a list of the current bugs, by version number, and platform? Maybe it’s here and I don’t know how to see it.


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Unfortunately @smile4yourself we don’t have one yet but it’s something we are working on in a way for our community to submit issues, requests but also check what’s on there as well. Thank you for the suggestion!

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