How to add a break / pause to an animation?

Hi. I have made an animation by laying out all the steps in Curve and have let Move now auto animate everyting. But now everything is happening to fast and I would love to add some breaks to some moments where the animation stands still for f.e. 1 sec. How to do that? Any ideas?

Hello @michealokraj, thanks for raising the question. Very happy to support you.

I’ve prepared a short tutorial to address your questions here - Linearity Move - AutoAnimate speed and pauses | Loom. Let me know if this helps or if you’ve any further questions.


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Thank you, @zwattic
That is helpful, although I thought, there would be a more clever way (like “add (x) msec to frame (x)-(x)”.

I have a multilayered and a little complex animation, what makes it a little hard to open and scroll through all the layers and remember which key frames to pick etc … What definitely would help, is when we could make the timeline-area height bigger or the timeline itself would get a minimalistic view (like in Adobe Flash/Animate). Maybe an idea for the future :wink:

Nevertheless, thank you for your time and advise. I appreciate it.

Hey @michealokraj, thanks for the response. Totally relate to the idea of the timeline height, we are considering it.

I understand things can get complicated while adjusting manually…particularly if you have many layers. If you’re looking to introduce a pause only on AutoAnimating, you can also try this method of importing the same artboard twice - Linearity Move - Pause with AutoAnimate | Loom. And after import, you can adjust the snapshot to the make the pause shorter or longer.

Let me know if you have more questions. Thanks!

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I have to admit, I had the same idea, but your is a little more clever: I have “designed” duplicates (so basically I had the same dartboard several times in the Curve doc. Then I imported everything from the storyboard. But I forgot about what you are showing: you can drag the same dartboard many times to the storyboard. So no need to have those dupes in my doc :wink:

Thx for that little but helpfull advice.

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Thanks for sharing that @michaelokraj! Can you add a feature request to our Feedback page?

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Will do. Thx @sam0711er