Snap to feature in Move

Hi Linearity,

Just wondering if I’m missing something or it’s not a function in Move, but it would be nice to have the “snap to” feature in Move.

Maybe :thinking: it’s not as necessary in Move as I think but to have the ability to know that I am perfectly centered on the canvas or if I have duplicated words and want to stack them on each other nicely would be cool.

  • Dom

Hey @Dom! Great suggestion! You’re right; it can definitely come in handy for precision alignment, especially when working on detailed animations. Good news: we’re already considering this feature, and it’s on our feedback portal here: Feel free to drop a vote there to show your support for the idea!

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your thoughts!

Hey @Dom , I hope that you’d be pleased to hear that Linearity Move already includes some handy alignment tools. We’ve got Smart Guides and snapping elements to edges and points. Check out the latest version!

Give it a try and let us know how it works for you!

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Can we have grids and snap to grid as well?

Hi Nadya!

Yes :blush: I have already noticed it and love it! Makes me more confident designing in Move!
It’s been so awesome to watch Linearity continue to grow and provide us users great design software!