Having trouble snapping to a complex shape.

Mathematicians just found a BRAND NEW shape that will tile the plane to infinity and NEVER repeat. I wanted to take that shape, duplicate it over and over, rotate them, snap them together.

When done correctly, the shape will fully cover the canvas. I had created the shape but I can’t get Vectornator to snap the copies together. It snaps single edges great! Almost like Edge snap has priority over point snap. When I turn off edge snap it won’t snap to the points I want it to snap to.

I assume this is user error…. Here is a picture of some of the snap arrangements I am trying to create.

Here is how I created the shape….

  1. Standard Hexagon
  2. Make a triangle from corner to center to midpoint
  3. Make 4 copies of triangle
  4. Flip 2 triangles vertically
  5. Rotate outer 2 triangles
  6. Snap them together
  7. I selected all the outer segments, then Path, Join Path
  8. Used the Path+ tool to remove 3 inside lines
  9. Made 4 copies, multicolored
  10. Rotated them into the multicolored shape
  11. Used the Path+ tool to remove all internal lines

Now I have my complex shape outline. Thought maybe this information would be useful in understanding my snapping issue.