Files not auto recovered on an automatic upgrade

I had a couple of unsaved files that normal get restored if vectornator closes or crashes, but today vectornator seemed to close automatically and be replaced with curve. When I opened up curve there were no recovered files as there would be normally. Is there any way to get this work back as had been working on it today but literally went to do something else and came back and it was gone.

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Hi @Anthony! Thank you for the feedback and I’m very sorry to hear about the issue.

We have been identifying issues about the renamed app that are not directly connected to us but also the operating systems as well. However, we are working on improvements on our side and some fixes are on their way this week already.

In the meantime, can I suggest you look for any potential autosave files under the local storage itself?

Library -> Containers -> Curve -> Data -> Library -> Autosave information

Alternatively it can be under

Library -> Containers -> Vectornator -> Data -> Library -> Autosave information

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the response, unfortunately not there :-/. The latest file I have unsaved and unnamed is there but none of the others…

Is there anything else I could try?

Hi @Anthony it’s unfortunately down to macOS and its connectivity with AppStore in terms of what’s auto-saved and what’s recoverable. Since we don’t have our own Linearity Cloud live yet, we sadly can’t help in terms of file recovery for local items.

One option could be to look up iCloud files or do a hard search for file names on Finder to see if anything can be traced. Sorry we couldn’t help you.

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thanks for the response and all the help. A little more than disappointing that something that was working in a certain way breaks after an upgrade happens that I have not agreed too :-(.
That said thank you for making an otherwise excellent product :slight_smile:

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