Exporting/Uploading SVG to Cricut Design Space Issues

Hi there, I am super new to learning this program. I thought I did everything correctly. I exported as a svg file and then went into cricut design space and my image looks all messed up. I am not sure what I did wrong. Been trying for a while to do on my own but decided to reach out. Any one have similar issues? It also shows up super small on cricut design space. I am just a self-taught crafter trying to learn the ropes. Any help is much appreciated!

Lots of reasons you may be encountering issues, but nothing is insurmountable.

  • Combine all layers that make up a given shape into a single compound path. See Boolean Operations and Combine Paths
  • Outline all strokes. See Outline a Path
  • Apply all clipping masks. See Clipping Masks
  • SVGs and vectors as a whole are infinitely scalable without quality loss. Simply resize the image in Design Space to your desired size.
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