Exporting paths

Hello, I am wondering if it’s possible to export paths that were made by brush or pencil into illustrator? They automatically outlined and are no longer on paths like they are in Vectornator, however the pen tool still works the same in illustrator which is great, if I want paths to export do I absolutely have to use the pen tool?

Hello @Azrael, Welcome to the community! I personly don’t use Illustrator, but I have a few suggestions. How did convert the file? Did you do it through the ‘Convert to Illustrator’ Button built in on the share menu? Remembering I don’t use illustrator so I have no idea.

Hello, thank you for the warm welcome! So I included a screenshot to show brush, pencil and pen paths are all editable in Vectornator. But when exported to an .ai file brush has expanded and is no longer on an editable path. So I was hoping there was a way to keep it on an editable path through export. I have to use illustrator for my job and this would make my work so much easier. Appreciate any help!