Drag and drop object elements in the layer display list is flaky?

I think drag and drop is supposed to work to move objects from one layer to another or just within the layer. But on my iMac if I have more than a few things showing (layers or objects) in the list it get’s all spazzy. The location of the cursor (destination for the drop) zooms up and down in an uncontrollable fashion, making it impossible to use.
For moving between layers there is a work around:
Select the Source Layer
Select the Object (Can’t do this without selecting the layer first?!)
Move the object to the top or bottom of the layer, depending on where the destination layer is relative to the source.
Select ALL the objects in the layer
Shift click the object to be moved to deselect it.
Now GROUP all the other objects.
Hopefully now, the number of items in the list doesn’t cause Vectornator to get the vapors when I drag and drop.
Probably a good idea to ungroup that mega-object you made to make this work.

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