Dark Theme and Isolation Mode


I set my iPad and the app to use the dark theme. When I had to enter isolation mode, it is only available in the light theme and it is very jarring to enter and exit the mode.


Hello st11x, can you please share what iPad model you have and what Vectornator version you have as well? To get the app version you need to go to the home screen, tap About. Thank you!

Hi Alexander,

It’s version 4.12.2, IOS 16.1.1, iPad Pro 12” 2020.

This is my screen,

and in isolation mode.


Thanks Matt. But from screenshots, I see that you’re currently in the dark mode. Can you please explain again what you expect to see? Maybe I don’t understand you well.

In the 2nd screenshot, you can see everything turned brighter. The black background surrounding the canvas is now grayish, and the gray background that I added because there is no option to set a dark background in Vectornator is now even lighter.

So when entering Isolation mode, you get a flash of bright which is not good.

Thank you for adding more details. I see now what you mean. Yes, that’s how it works at the moment, the idea to adopt the isolation mode to dark appearance is nice. I’ll inform our team about that. Thanks again for noticing! :slight_smile:

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