d= path data for svg

hi, can someone help me figure out how to use vectornator to get the “d=” path data for my svg file?
here’s an example of what another d= value would look like:

and in text (just an example of what the path data should look like:
<path id=“Combined-Shape” class=“st0” d="M72.9,56.2l-0.5,0.4c-0.5,0.4-1.1,0.8-1.6,1.2l-0.4,0.3L70,57.9c-0.3-0.2-0.7-0.3-1.2-0.3 c-1.6,0-3.9,1.2-6,2.3c-2.4,1.2-4.9,2.5-7.1,2.6c-1,0-1.5-0.4-1.8-0.7c-0.9-1.2,0.3-3.4,1.7-6c1.3-2.5,3-5.6,1.8-6.6 C57.3,49,57.1,49,56.8,49c-1.5,0-4.6,2-8

Just open the SVG in any text editor. Vectornator isn’t needed.