Crashing when trying to export time-lapse


I recently made a certain project and after a few days I wanted to export the time-lapse, and as I would select “time-lapse” the whole app crashed.

here’s a video of what I mean:

(I will send the crash report via email)

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I just want to reiterate this post, being that as a result of trying to export the time-lapse on a different file completely, the app crashed and I lost all the edits I made to the file and I am now stuck where I left off, and I can no longer undo anything :frowning_face:

Hi @Shazak, I’m very sorry to hear this and apologise that I cannot offer any updates yet. As soon as we have any developments with respect to the Time-lapse issue I’ll be sure to reach out.

Regarding the inability to undo things anymore, may I ask if you have your document’s storage option set to optimized? As if so, this will reduce file size but clear the document’s undo/redo history to do so - meaning that once the file is closed, you will no longer be able to undo previous actions.