CRASHING BUG! TEXT function is not working properly

Hi @Linearity.Team,

I just updated my app and all my files to the Linearity Cloud and now it seems to randomly crash and the text tool is not functioning correctly. Every time I go to type in text it will activate the shift key and puts my letters in ALL CAPS I have to hit shift after I enter every letter to ensure that CAPS is not activated. Also realized that when I am using the text tool function it will crash, at first I thought it was just the font that I was using but realized that it is not once I tried it with a different font. Also, I figured out that if you keep a few letters typed in front of what you want to type out it won’t crash, you just have to type out what you want and then delete the extra letters that you first started out with. I have added a video so that you can see what I am talking about. I know you guys are hard at work to better Linearity Curve so I appreciate all you guys do. I am a monthly subscriber and happy to support you all.

Having the same issue on my Mac and have reported it to the Devs
I am assuming its something with the new update - hoping for a quick patch or partial roleback

Hi both, thank you for reporting this. We have already acted on this and as far as I know, with 5.2.1 update. Can you let us know if you are using the latest version and if this problem still persists?

Thank you for your understanding!

Hi I am using 5.2.0 - As of yet I havent been given an update for 5.2.1
Thank you for addressing this quickly

Hi @Medet,

I have the 5.2.0 update as well and have not been given the 5.2.1 update as well.

Thank you for addressing this issue.

I can confirm the MacOS version is now out, too! Thanks a lot for your patience

Hi @Medet,

What about for iPad I do all my work on my iPad.

Hey @Dom we did release the iPadOS version last Thursday but since it’s on a rollout phase, it might not have made it to your end yet. I’d suggest checking manually from time to time.

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@Medet Thank you, just updated my iPad thank you for your quick response.