Color palette causes Vectornator to crash on Mac

Hi all,

Found this bug while trying to delete / move colours in the palette. I think that it is also not possible to delete colours in the palette, or clear the palette at all. Please let me know if this is true.


(Schermopname 2021-10-06 om 21.10.57)

Hey @mart, welcome to the Vectornator Forum :wave:t3:

Thanks for reporting this and sharing a video! I’ve gone ahead and raised this with our Product Team.
May I also ask you what’s your macOS and Vectornator version are you using?

I’ll let you know as soon as I receive any updates :slight_smile:

Hi @anna!

My current macOS version is Big Sur version 11.2. And my Vectornator version is 4.3.0 (694).

Good luck.

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Hey @mart,
May I ask to check the latest update 4.5.4 and let us know if you still experience the same issue? I hope this problem doesn’t bother you anymore.
We are here in case you need any help.