Vectornator 4.7 is Here 🥳

Hey Vectornator Community!

Today is the Day! :drum:
We are thrilled to announce our Vectornator 4.7 Update including more than 40+ improvements and a very special focus on colors :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart:

With the 4.7 Update, we put a lot of work and love into features such as unlimited color palettes, improved Text features, a streamlined UI, and more iCloud Sync options.
Take a look at the resources below to learn more about the update. To get you started, we created some awesome palettes for you!

:arrow_right: Read our blog article to find more information about 4.7

:arrow_right: Have a look in our Learning Hub to explore the new features in detail.

:arrow_right: Check out our video: It’s all about Colors

:arrow_down: Download our 4.7 Welcome Pack with preset Color Palettes made by your Vectornator Team

:mountain:Blissful_Hike.swatches|attachment (3.9 KB)
:rainbow:Pride.swatches|attachment (5.1 KB)
:cherry_blossom:Petal_Rain.swatches|attachment (5.1 KB)
:hibiscus:Flourish.swatches|attachment (4.9 KB)
:herb:Spring_Joy.swatches|attachment (3.9 KB)
:fallen_leaf:Furry_Autumn.swatches|attachment (4.7 KB)
:carousel_horse:Playground.swatches|attachment (4.0 KB)
:fire:Campfire.swatches|attachment (4.9 KB)
:fountain_pen:Vectornator.swatches|attachment (4.8 KB)
:ballet_shoes:Pantone_2022.swatches|attachment (4.0 KB)
:piñata:Pantone_2022.swatches|attachment (3.9 KB)
_Apple.swatches (4.3 KB)


Finally the color palettes :star_struck:


I’ve been waiting for this a long time and it’s finally here!


Palettes, kerning, iCloud sync, UI improvements - fantastic new features, well done to the Vectornator development team (and everyone involved in the feature selection, implementation, testing, documentation, and support process - and anyone else I missed).


Absolutely brilliant update, fantastic work Team.
Thank you.


how do to import ???

Hey, I guess you’ve reached out to support already, but I’ll leave this here.

To bring a Color Palette into Curve, click on the + icon located at the upper right-hand corner of the Palettes Tab. Then, opt for Import. Choose the swatches file, and the palette will appear in the Color Picker menu automatically.

For more details, check out our Academy article here: Link.