Clicking with either select tool does not select

Clicking with either select tool does not select. Simple as it sounds. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not. All very random. Sometimes something is already selected and I am trying to add. Other times, it seems nothing is selected nor will be selected.

Hi @joz,
welcome to Vectornator Forum. Could you share a short video clip of your issue please?
Thank you in advanced.

Well of course now its working. The problem makes it difficult to learn the program because I keep getting interrupted.

Ok I advice you to take a look at Vectornator -Learning Hub .
There is a guide for iOS and one for Mac OS. You can also watch the videos on Vectornator - YouTube Playlists.
If you find again the “bug/issue” please record it.
Thank you. Nice day.

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Sorry, the help site won’t accept the video format.

I think I figured it out. Vectornator is very very slow.

You must load a mp4 video. You can change the extension of file.