Can’t Change Font Size Units to Pixels


I’ve been creating pixel art in Vectornator and noticed a problem with using pixel fonts/bitmap fonts.

How do I change the font size units from points to pixels? I tried changing the document units from points to pixels, but that didn’t work. Settings | Vectornator Learn iPad

Could this be a bug that needs to be fixed?

I would like pixel units for pixel fonts, so the fonts won’t look blurry after export.

Thanks for your help!


Hi Sam :slight_smile: Please note that fonts are vectors. Only at the moment when you export your artwork as raster format (JPG, PNG) it’s converted in raster.

There is no such things as fonts as pixels. Maybe some specific apps for pixel art have it, but it’s something different.

Can you please show any examples of what you want to achieve and what you get, so maybe I can help you with that.

Thank you.

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for your help!

When I create pixel art, I need the font to have the same sized pixels as the art. I can’t do this if the font size is in points instead of pixels.

Linearity is a great tool that I will continue to use for vector art!

Right now now, I’m using another app for pixel art.

Thanks and have a good day,