Boolean operation making things invisible

I am trying to import my illustrations from adobe fresco into vectornator to clean them up. the only format that adobe fresco allows me to export while retaining the vector format is pdf.

The import into vectornator goes smoothly and I end up with a lot of small complete shape paths from the vector brush in fresco.

The issue that I am having is when I attempt any of the boolean operations on the paths (for this purpose I’m attempting to unite the small lines together to make all my linework a single shape), all the paths become invisible yet outlined in blue and neither the stroke or fill options do anything to them.

Once I touch away from the lines to deselect them they all disappear and don’t even show up in the layers panel anymore.

I feel like I have tried every solution: opacity, change the stroke size, fill, color, ensure nothing is masked, that i have exactly what i want to unite selected, but it still causes this error.

When I create an illustration from scratch in vectornator I do not have this issue. Only when I import the pdf document from adobe fresco do i have a problem.

I wish to use vectornator over illustrator because it seems to work better and does not charge a monthly fee for use, but adobe fresco is my main illustration platform and I need something that works with it.

I have this same issue when I open an AI file on both my Mac and my iPad. If I try to EXLUDE text from a background everything becomes enviable and the layers disappear.

If I draw everything from within VECTORNATOR then it seems to work fine.

My workflow includes drafting on VECTORWORKS and then exporting to DWG then importing that to ILLUSTRATOR (I have access at work, but not at home)and then exporting to SVG for use with a GLOWFORGE.

I have a similar issue. In my case, it does the same thing even with overlapping shapes (even though it’s supposed to unite overlapping shapes). I have to use the shape builder tool and it’s quite tedious.

Here is a video of the bug.

I should clarify that this doesn’t happen all the time. It seems to occur more with complex shapes. Simple shapes are mergeable.

I was having the same issue when trying to unite shapes with the boolean operation. All of the shapes were created in Vectornator, yet when i used the function, all of the shapes became invisible and once deselected, disappeared completely. However, I’ve discovered that if you take all of the shapes out of whatever group they may be in (i.e. makes sure all the shapes are in the main layer, and not any group), the shapes will unite normally. Hopefully this info will help any other users with this issue.

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I also have this issue with the boolean. The shapes just vanish when I try to unite or exclude. The behaviour is very unreliable and all my shapes are made in vectornator. The shape builder tool is also buggy. Sometimes I can use erase mode but more often than not it just doesn’t do anything or erase the opposite of what is selected. I appreciate vectornator and all but there are so many bugs. Even this website. I couldn’t log in on my phone using my google account.

Hi folks,

We’re very sorry about the inconvenience that this has caused but I’m happy to share with you that this issue will be resolved soon!

I’ll be sure to update here in the thread once the change has been made.

Also, @Blinkydoodly thank you so much for bringing the Google log-in issue to our attention, it has since been rectified :slight_smile:


Hi folks,

I’m happy to share that this issue has recently been resolved :tada:

Please check out the latest version of Vectornator and let us know if this issue, or any other, arises.