alphabetic order for files and folders in the cloud

Is it normal that when I upload my folders to the cloud, everything is broken up into individual data? horrible! I did not expect that!!! With the introduction of the cloud, I had hoped that I can finally sort my data and folders in the cloud by alphabet, or otherwise.

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Hi @Form-finder welcome to the community and I’m sorry that this took you by surprise. I can imagine you must be feeling frustrated.

However, I can confirm that we have multiple improvements coming up very soon for Linearity Cloud, including ways to organise folders and more.

@Medet : One more question: Why didn’t Linearity first develop the cloud to a final/stable version before forcing it on the user? Because your sentence sounds to me like if someone at Linearity forced the cloud on the user out of a feeling and wanted to see how this bad/imperfect solution is accepted… before all basic-needs are implemented…

And the feedback from the user base shows that the first improvement must be the possibility of not needing to use the cloud… when will that come?

i was working a week on this issue! the improvments should be developed before activating the cloud. frustrating work, wasted time i could earn money

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you should ask @Medet why the list of improvement are still in the queue and not realized into production system before going online, to me he don’t want to answer anymore… in a other post he classify @user126 and me as “non-genuine users” without “issues”. :sunglasses:

i’m not someone who force others, either it fits or it doesn’t, if so you should look for something else that fits

Linearity Cloud is an ongoing service that will receive constant improvements. You should understand that these things require immense resource and we are doing our best to improve Linearity Cloud swiftly.

Secondly, I by no means promised anything about not needing the Linearity Cloud. We hear the feedback but as of now, I cannot share anything further.

You are at the moment spreading misinformation. I haven’t classified anyone that. I have been doing my very best to keep answering to every single question you have even though you said you stopped using Linearity and said your goodbyes.

Your way of complaining is not only disrupting the overall mood of the forum but also makes allegations against me, my quality of work and how I “label” our users. Please consider this as a warning and should your aggressive behaviour continues, we will have to suspend you from the forum.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

I hope so.

Sorry, is not true! In a other thread you name @user126 and me in sense of “non-genius users”.

So let’s agree and sort the facts: you did it, even if it doesn’t impress me personally, @user126 could did.

Yes, I must do this, I’m contractually obliged. And now I’m watching the development/future of Linearity… there may be reasons to return?!

I’m not trying to beat around the bush, I like to name it/be direct, but always with the aim of not being personal or offensive! e.g. if something is “curved”, I name it “curved” and not “not straight”!

What have I done to receive a warning as a threat? :thinking: I ask for help, ideas, a solution, always remained calm and level-headed in tone. Yes, I can formulate uncomfortable questions and am therefore not pleasant for everyone. And please don’t forget, I would actually like to continue using the app.


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Why is a disadvantage due to an update being discussed at a personal level? Nobody needs to be offended, facts need to be clearly named and problems eliminated!

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This is hardly an improvement. I have hundreds of individual drawings organized by project that were dumped into a single cloud folder with no way to sort or re-organize. I would have paid for a subscription for this app but am now motivated to find other solutions.
Maybe admit that Linearity botched this, roll back the “improvement”, and deploy it when it actually adds value to your users.


it was already mentioned in several posts… it was always ignored.
version 5.2 was released 3 weeks ago, since then there have been 4 updates to this version!
everyone has to judge the quality for themselves.
but all i see are no real changes? no structuring options and no storage location selection (local!)

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