Allow negative line height

Some fonts has too munch line height when designing slogan or other big-fonts-needed design. If line height can be negative like Canva that can improve the convenience so there’s no need to open a new text box.


:+1: I agree - I run into this very often.


I agree too


This :+1:t3:

Weird that it isn’t possible since its rather normal behaviour in competing apps.




I second this wish. When using vertical text, but also in other situations, it would be very handy to set a small line height by entering a negative value.

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Please do this. Thanks.

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I can’t believe that only 14 users around the world are missing this feature. And YES, I just created my account just to say that… because the rest of Vectornator is awesome. But this gap, man, is unacceptable.


I also just created an account for this. Shocking that it hasn’t been added from the get-go of having line height???

I’m resorting to splitting up text line by line (a manual task in Vectornator) and vertically aligning them proportionately.

Please add this feature. I’m tired of switching back and forth between my iPad and laptop for the silliest little features that should be included like this one.


Yes please I do a lot of work with type and this is a basic need and is in almost all other apps of this kind.

Just do it


we need this

It’s crazy it’s not there already! At the moment basically all multiline display type has way too much leading, which makes Curve pretty much useless in proper typesetting.

Hey everyone,

Big thanks for your patience! :star2:

We’ve got some cool updates in our latest version that we hope you’re going to love, especially if you’ve been looking for better text control:

  • Fonts now display default line height in points (pt).
  • You can now set line heights below the default value, allowing for a "negative line height. Setting the line height to zero (0) will result in a true zero line height.
  • You can now fine-tune line heights with values in points or percentages for precise text layout and design control.

Hope these new features make designing even smoother for you. Your feedback helped us make this happen, and we’re super grateful!