Add "Save as..."

Before we click back to go to gallery, please can you add an option to save or save as…so that we can choose to save changes we did…or we just save file as it is. Thanks a ton. The app rocks!

The concept of ‘saving’ is an outdated model and totally foreign from iOS. I would suggest duplicating the file from the gallery. Slightly different workflow but conforms far better with the way users expect to use their iPad.

Save as… to keep a copy of the file at the actual moment. And keep making changes without leaving the artboard itself

While editing an image I would accidentally click the go-back-to-gallery button. If I reopen the image I would then lose the previous undo and forward history. Sometimes I would be testing a slight design modification only to have it finalized by accidentally hitting the back button. Then, if I reopen it, I can’t undo my changes by hitting the undo button.

Maybe after clicking the go-back-to-gallery button on the Editor screen a verification menu slides horizontally and gives you two options:

1.) Go to Gallery ( Does the Same thing as the current go-to-gallery button ) Aligned with the current button so someone can double tap and go to the gallery quickly.

2.) Save As… (Popup to Name it, then Duplicate it and return to Current Editor)

You wouldn’t need to recode any saving features. Just an additional menu slide out horizontally on the go-to-gallery arrow button on the Editor Page. Horizontal so you don’t accidentally keep pressing the Save as feature.

If you want to make changes in a new document, just duplicate it first, then you are editing a copy. Honestly this is the future. The old save/save as without automatic saving is gonna be gone in the future. It doesn’t take that long to adjust to the new way of working. Every program I use works like that, and I dont miss the old way anymore.

It would be cool if undoes/redoes got saved with the document so that you could open it up, and then go back. The video editor app Clipworks does that, and its honestly amazing.

I completely agree. It interrupts the workflow to have to backtrack to the gallery and duplicate in order to do something as simple as forking a project. I’m learning too late to return my iPad that using an iPad is a lot like stepping back into the dark ages. :-p

Thanks for the amazing app, Vectornator! I would have returned my iPad if it weren’t for you. <3 :slight_smile:

Nomad on ipad allows either “save” or “save as” which automatically adds a plus 1 number to the changed file or you can rename to what you want. I’d like that option.