4.8 version bug report 😬


1- underline and strikethrough is not working in arabic.

2- Something wrong with the toolbar shortcut, it is moving fast and I have to go back for a tool, it is not that big problem but u know. :sweat_smile:

3- (this is not a bug) I just wanted to remember you about this idea : Add text direction button for arabic language, it is important :grimacing:.

Hi there @n4bi,

Thank you for bringing the issue related to Arabic text to our attention. In the meantime, while we work on this, may I suggest that you write your desired text elsewhere, apply strikethrough/underline, copy it and paste it into Vectornator’s text tool.

Regarding your additional suggestion/request reiteration, they will be forwarded to the team for consideration!


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In general I find the 4.8 version very buggy. for example:

  1. when I was testing it out I tried undoing, but instead it jumps back a whole lot of steps (this is when I created a bunch of shapes and aligned them and then changed the position of one and evened them out, and when undoing the action, it went back like five steps).
  2. when I was arranging the shapes and layers in the layer tab, after doing several at a time, and then undoing, the whole app crashed.
  3. as @n4bi has said before about Arabic, same is with Hebrew.

Another problem I found was that when editing the names of objects in the layer tab, after a few edits, when undoing one acton, the whole app crashes and closes completely.

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Hi @Shazak,

Thank you for reporting these issues. Would you mind providing a screen recording of the crash incidents you described if you are able to reproduce the matters? It would also be extremely helpful if you could forward crash reports of the incidents to us at support@vectornator.io

With regards to the Hebrew text issue, this information has been forwarded to the team.


This issue should be resolved in the latest available update 4.8.1.

Please check it out when you have a chance and let us know if the issue persists :slight_smile: