Renaming difficult

Hey everyone!

When trying to paste behind the name of a layer, it’s incredibly difficult to do so. Please make the whole area that can be used for naming responsive, not just the already typed words.

I am using Vectornator 4.8.1, iOS 15.4.1, iPhone mini 13.

Best wishes,

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Hi @shushustorm,

Would you mind providing a screen recording of the issue you’re encountering?


Hey Helen! Thanks for the reply!
Here is a screen recording:

Thanks for this! I have passed all the details on to the team and will get back to you with any updates :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks!

Hey there @shushustorm,

I’ve consulted with the team on this case and received the advice that characters are seen as word separators, which means a double-tap won‘t include them into the selection. Triple-tapping on the layer title should solve this issue for you!


Hey @Helen !
Thanks for the reply!
However, unfortunately, triple tapping doesn’t help. The issue isn’t that I can’t get to the rename stage (that already works with two timed taps reliably).
The issue is that while renaming, input is restricted to where text is, making it incredibly difficult to paste before or after the object’s name. It would be great to have some padding around the text that still receives the input.

Hi there @shushustorm,

Thanks for getting back to me! In this case, it appears that this suits the label of Feature Request more so than Bug Reporting. Due to this, I’ll log it accordingly and pass it on to the relevant team for consideration :slight_smile:


Alright, thanks!