Line is not working properly

Hello! I have two bug reports regarding lines.

The first is a bug related to line termination. As you can see in the attached image, the display is broken when certain settings are made.

The second is a bug related to line editing. Compared to objects colored with Fill, line objects are unusually slow to edit. Not all of them, but operations such as transform, move, and copy/paste are affected. Also, when I outline this line, I can see an unusual number of anchor points. I have taken a video of this as well, please check it out.

*Sorry. I am not a good English speaker, so I use a translator.

Hi there @Cutter,

Thanks for bringing these issues to our attention!

Would you mind clarifying your OS and Vectornator version so that I can log tickets right away?


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The version of Vectornator is 4.8.5 and the device is an iPad Air 4 with iPadOS 15.6.

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Thank you! I have logged 2 separate tickets and will be in touch with any updates :slight_smile:

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