Vertical ruler missing

My vertical ruler is missing. How do I get it back?

Hi there @cornwell,

You can find the option to enable Rulers from within your document’s settings.

On macOS: open document → View → Show Rulers
On iOS: open document → Settings → Preferences → Canvas → View → Rulers

Hope this helps,

Some aspects of your product do not seem to work well with my iPad 6th generation. The canvas hides both rulers vertical and horizontal. I cannot delete a guideline. The toolbar on the left hand side hides most of the ruler. This is a great concept, but cannot use on my iPad.

Hi there @Coqui,

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the canvas from your perspective? And could you also please confirm your OS and Vectornator version?

Here are the 2 ways that Guides and Object Guides can be deleted:

Looking forward to hearing from you,