Vectornator latest update crash when typing in Arabic

vectornator crash (19.5 KB)

Hello. I am on the latest update on Mabook Air M2. I get a crash every time I type the letter ت using the font Aref Ruqaa. It happens also when I type it in another font and change the font to Aref Ruqaa. This did not happen before the update.

edit: reproduced the issue with two other fonts: Gulzar and Noto Nastaliq Urdu

Hi there @asibahi and welcome to the Community Forum!

I’m very sorry to hear about this issue and have logged a ticket with the team to investigate the matter.

As soon as I have any updates on the topic, I’ll post here in the thread.


Hey there @asibahi,

Please check out the latest App Store version of Vectornator (4.13.5) where this issue has been resolved :tada:

If this problem arises again, or any others pop up - just let us know here on the Forum.


Thank you Helen. I just tried it and it works as expected now. I am only disappointed it was not patched sooner as it prevented me from doing some work.

Thanks again.