Text element crashes on MacBook pro

PLEASE HELP! I’m running Vectornator on a MacBook Pro w/Apple M1 Max chip, 64GB ram, on Mac OS 13.3.1

Every time I try to create a text element and then change the font from default Helvetica to anything else, it crashes immediately. I’ve updated to latest versions of both Vectornator and Mac OS.

Hi there @JohnBlas,

So sorry to hear about this!

Could you please provide the Crash Report that corresponds with this event? Feel free to attach it here in the thread, DM it to me or forward it to support@vectornator.io


Hey there @JohnBlas,

Please check out the latest App Store version of Vectornator (4.13.5) where this issue has been resolved :tada:

If this problem arises again, or any others pop up - just let us know here on the Forum.


Hi, Still experiencing the same crash after installing version 4.13.5.


So sorry to hear that @JohnBlas - can you please forward a Crash Report?