Vectornator for Windows & Android

Vectornator for Windows & Android

My opinion is that I disagree.
I think it’s difficult. At present, the software markets for Android and Windows are very chaotic, and there is not much need to port Vectornator to Android and Windows. As a very practical paid software, Vectornator will appear a lot of pirated software if it is put in Android and Windows. It harms the official interests of Vectornator and there are legal problems. If you are a professional designer or a person who has the ability to try it, you have the ability to choose Apple products. iOS and macOS and iPadOS are relatively secure. The App Store is also better and strict with no direct access to free apps. If you need to port to Android or Windows, the first thing you need is that the system can prevent users from obtaining paid apps from improper channels.


I have been an offline and online designer by profession for years using windows all you need to have is a good device and it’s capable enough to complete all the tasks seamlessly and yes end of the day either of them is an electronic device whichever you go for it cannot be 100% they do have a life span and technical issues.

Even people end up jailbreaking apple devices due to apples restrictive tactics they tie you up even though one has paid for their device.

Infect all the devices and operating systems stop Jeopardising our freedom of choice, privacy and confidentiality and lean how to respecting it.

So, let’s respect individual choice and opinion.