Vectornator 4.0

How can I load Vectornator 4.0, because my IOS is under 11 version. So I would like using Vectornator on it.

Hi @Orvalou,
I am sorry but you can’t do it.

it’s really a shame, I have a still recent MacBook Pro and I can’t use vectornator with it.

Sorry but I am confused, in the first post you talk about iOS and now you say Mas OS. Could you be more clear? On which device would you want use Vectornator?

If your Mac doesn’t support anything further than Catalina, you can download 3.5.16 here:

Unfortunately there exists no such version for iOS/iPadOS. A quick Google search reveals these instructions, which may still work.

@llui85, wow many memories. How did you find it? :cry:

I’m sorry about my own confusion. In fact, It’s well about macOS Catalina. Apple Store didn’t purpose version working under MacOs 11. Thanks for the link, I try it

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