Can I download an older version of the program?

Hi Vectornators!
I was wondering if it is possible to download an older version of Vectornator?


thanks a lot for your contribution.
To answer your questions, we require macOS 11 BigSur as many of the additions and changes in the newest version of Vectornator Pro are based on the latest macOS technologies. So, if you’re not able to update from the App Store it’s because you need to upgrade to Big Sur.

I hope this helps.
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I have an older MacBook Pro that cannot be upgraded to Big Sur. Where can I get an older version of Vectornator that will run on Catalina?

You can download the last version which worked with Catalina here:

hey, so i was just trying to download vectornator in my old macbook pro through this link and certainly this link doesn’t work anymore so, i request you to please put a new link here which works!