UNITS and keyboard MOVE increments

Hello Folks,
Having been an AI user for many years, there are certain functions I use quite regularly. Namely:

  1. Changing the measuring units and those changes are then reflected in the ‘Rulers’ on the art board and
  2. being able to control the move increments from the keyboard.

I can change the UNITS to INCHES in Vectornator but the hash marks on the ruler on the art-board border are still in 10ths and not 12ths.

Also, there seems to be no way to control the ‘move’ increments for the direction keys on the keyboard for precise movement and location of created objects.

I create paths (vectors) for my CNC in illustrator to export to my CAD/CAM program and am hoping to be able to do that with Vectornator.

I still do some graphics work and I have been enjoying the easy to use UI. It will take some getting used to, I’ve only been using illustrator since v.88

Kindest Regards,
Mac Rice

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Hey Mac,
thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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