Let me adjust the units of the width of the stroke function

I use vectornator for creating stained glass patterns, I really like the app and use it a lot.

One problem I got with the app, I can only set the size of the stroke by x.xx points. I would like to adjust the units to millimeters.

While make a stained glass pattern I want to make the stroke exactly 1.4mm, this is the exact width of the channel of my lead came.
When printing the created pattern I can cut out the pattern and know if I cut out the stroke which is exactly 1.4mm my glass wil perfectly fit the pattern

I vote for this feature. We need more settings for the stroke. Not just points, but at least millimetres and pixels. This is important also when exporting designs to other vector editors that support these units.
For example, my 1 pt stroke turns into a 0.88 px stroke when exported to Sketch. Having to manually change all the stroke widths is annoying.

This is essential. I came here assuming I just hadn’t found where to change this. It’s hard to believe it can’t be changed.