Toggle "Smart Guides" with Shortcut? or Precise Control on macOS?

I was wondering if there is any way to temporarily turn off the Smart Grid?
Sometimes I want to put an object right between two Smart Grid snap points. Is there a key I can press to temporarily disable Smart Grid?
I don’t want to completly disable it because it’s quite useful in 90% of the cases :slight_smile:

Hey @lucca.s, absolutely, you can definitely toggle the Smart Guides on and off from as needed.

Here’s more information about the guides: on a Mac, on iOS.

If you let me know which application (iOS/Mac) you’re using, I can give you more specific instructions!

Hi Nadya,
i’m using Version 5.3.3 (20240201092114.72) of Linearity Curve on macOS. :slight_smile:

Hey @lucca.s , have you tried this option? Go to View > Smart Guides on/off. Let me know if this works for you.

hey @Nadya,
that’s the option I used so far. :+1:
But I was wondering if there is an option to turn it off with a keyboard shortcut?
May even one that only turns it off while you’re holding the key?

Ah, gotcha! I missed that you were talking about hotkeys. For a comprehensive list of all available shortcuts, you can check out this link. While there are some shortcuts that might help with snapping, I’m afraid we don’t have one that toggles the smart guides on and off exactly as you described.