Setting a Default Export File Format


Is there an option that I am missing to change the default export option of a layer from PDF to something else?

I am exporting several layers to individual SVG files and it is extremely tedious to keep changing that for every export.

It wouldn’t have been too much of an issue had we been able to select multiple layers and export them as individual files at one go, that I would love to see as a feature enhancement.


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Hey Matt,

Great to have you back on the forum. I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused by the current default export option. At the moment, we don’t have the functionality to change the default export setting for individual layers, but you’ve brought up a really good point.

I’ll make sure to add your suggestion about changing the default export option to our backlog. As for exporting multiple layers as individual files in one go, it’s actually something we’ve been thinking about. While I can’t give a specific timeline for when this might be available, know that it’s on our radar.

I wish I could offer an immediate solution, but for now, please know that your feedback is incredibly valuable to us. It helps us improve and evolve the app to better meet the needs of users like you.

Thanks a ton for sharing your thoughts!

Best regards,