Scissor tool issue

Hi - I was trying to follow an online tutorial working with the letter W. I cut two nodes with the scissor tool and then joined them with the pen tool. When I tried to cut two more nodes it refers back to a node from the first cut (so I can’t select the second node I want). It is as though the nodes from the first cut remain selected. Any guidance appreciated.

Edit - I have added the file. Issue is when you try to cut a section of the W on the right original nodes are still selected.

W node issue.vectornator (143.3 KB)

Although it has a fill, the outline of the shape on the right is not closed (the shape on the left is closed). If you hide the fill, add a stroke, and only look at the outline, you can see what’s happening when you cut the section on the right - it makes sense as an outline, though the fill is not intuitive.
Note: using the Scissor tool leaves open shapes on both sides as a result.

Select the section on the right, and (on iPad, might be a bit different on macOS, maybe check the menus) go to the Path tab on the Inspector panel, tap on Close (or, as you suggested, close it manually with the Pen tool).Now it will probably behave more the way you expect.


Thanks! I would have been a long time trying to figure that out. Happy New Year